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Where will we go?
How about Natural, Specialty and/or Grocery!

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Spring Into Action

  • Sell

    Get your products into distribution
    and on store shelves

  • Promote

    Promotions, advertising programs,
    IRC placement, case stacks, OI overlays

  • Report

    Elicit brand feedback at retail for
    optimal results

  • Inspect

    Inspect what we expect
    to have on the shelves

  • Nurture

    Keeping on top of promoting, reporting,
    and inspecting

  • Grow

    Know what it takes to gain additional
    market share, launching new & unique items

What Clients Are Saying

NorCal Naturally Special Food Broker is committed to working with only natural and organic manufacturers. Why? Because they continue to raise the bar by highlighting what we are eating; what we are giving our kids, our family. I am in awe of their relentless passion to care about healthy foods, and continue to trail-blaze, innovate and source the best ingredients available.

“You’re a wonderful and irreplaceable part of the team. We wouldn’t be where we are today with you.’ ‘You’re such an important part of the LAIKI team - thank you for all that you do!’

Laiki 11/18

‘Why can't they all be YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

Urban Foods 11/18

‘Figured you were on it! Thanks!’

Nugget 11/18

‘I still think you need to expand your region!’

Liberated 10/18

‘You’re my favorite!!!!’

Red Duck 11/18

“Thank for all your hard work and being our dream broker!’

Uncle Lees Tea 9/18

‘You mean the world to me. You have absolutely been one of the best mentors I could ever ask for. Thank you for teaching me this industry and being patient. I am so lucky to have you on my team. And you are literally the ABSOLUTE BEST broker in the entire industry

LonoLife 5/18 & 8/18

‘Keep on trucking Teresa! We need more brokers like you.’

Mary B. (Independent Food Consultant) 5/18

‘Thank You Teresa! You’re on it as usual!!’

KeHE Rep 4/18

‘You one of the best reps out there!’

UNFI Acct Mgr. 3/18

‘Fantastic Teresa!! thanks...you're the best as always!’ ‘Thank you for the partnership and hard work.’

Aldrin 2017

Teresa is a phenomenal food broker. She goes above and beyond what is ever expected! Her years of food industry experience is evident in every meeting, she is a wealth of knowledge and is eager to share to help other succeed plus she has the relationships and trust from others that is rarely seen these days. Her passion for her work shines through in every conversation and meeting. Teresa is the best and I would recommend Teresa to anybody looking to grow their brand with a broker who has their client’s best interest at heart!

La Megara 3/18

When searching for a natural food broker in Norcal, the name Teresa Holman can up a number of times. She is so fully of energy, but you can sense her passion for this industry. After working with her, I can see why Teresa is so highly recommended and why her name is a staple in the food industry. She is committed, organized, and seriously on top of her game! One of the great things about her is her follow up and letting you know precisely about what is going on with your business. Teresa has assisted in placing our product in one of the largest natural food distributors. Amazing, talented, and a great person overall!

Seaweed Love 2017